Data destruction. Safeguard your and your clients information.

How safe is your data?

 Don't let sensitive information get into the wrong hands. We offer a full suite of data destruction services to make sure your confidential information stays that way.

Data wiping made easy

We can perform data wiping in bulk, wiping hundreds of hard drives at a time. We'll also tailor a solution that balances your security needs with your cost and time constraints.


Choose from two high security, certified data overwrite solutions:

  • 3x Overwrite A secure data destruction method suitable for all but the most sensitive of data. Erased data can only be recovered by highly sophisticated data recovery methods.
  • 7x Overwrite When it comes to medical records, government data, financial records and highly confidential commercial information, you need the most secure method of software data destruction available.

Hard drive destruction - complete security

The most secure method of data destruction - and the only one that will work on faulty or corrupted hard drives - is physical destruction. We can certify all computers sanitised this way. We'll replace the hard drive with a generic model so your equipment's resale value isn't affected. Email us to ask bout our data destruction services.

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